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he Silver Chair was designed by Hadi Teherani for the company Interstuhl. Teherani is an Iranian-born architect by trade who recently embarked in the design of consumer goods and interior design. Teherani is best known for his famed architectural achievements such as Munich’s Swiss RH Centre and the Dockland office building in Hamburg. On, the chair’s own website, a wonderful statement captured the soul of this chair:

“Design needs to make an emotional connection with the character of materials and their use; layer by layer must be peeled away in order to reach the heart of meaning and discover a new context. It was our aim to make the technical complexity in Silver invisible and reach the poetic plateau of perfection in seating. A chair which is only suitable for use in an office is not enough. Aesthetics without ethic is deception.” Note that the Silver Chair is 98% recyclable.

This is no ordinary task chair, dinner chair, reading chair, or anything chair. Silver’s design is so versatile that with customization of various materials (aluminum, wood, leather, glass, fabric and more), the chair can adapt to any environment. Could you imagine using an Aeron chair as part of your dining decor? It probably wouldn’t sit too pretty.

I’m not too worried about Silver becoming a common seating solution like the Aeron. The Silver Low costs $4625, Silver Mid is $5040, and Silver High is a hefty $5610. Even the damn foot stool costs $1811, which is more than the Aeron Chair itself! To have the chair customized, it’ll cost you even more.

Some of the Silver’s design influences included classic Mercedes-Benz coupes, the sharp angles of fighter jets, and the Sydney Opera House, all which can be summed up in Interstuhl’s words as “Security in technology, hidden function, shell concept, and futuristic baroque.”

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April 6, 2008

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Design, Furniture, Sustainability

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  1. No.


    Must……have….those…….chairs! Seriously I was determined to buy me one until I saw some blurry numbers there I think it was $5040. Ha!!!! They even call it papa bear?

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