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Eness is a Melbourne, Australian-based interactive media group, that seems to specialize in projection mapping, interactive experiences, and overall badass visual displays. I’m definitely a sucker for this type of visual / interactive media, and have been for some time, but what they’ve managed to produce is truly forward thinking. Sort of reminds of the works of Universal Everything. I’m especially loving on their Tron Legacy-mapped skate ramp [see above video]. Although I can imagine skating on that at night would totally mess with your perspective. Maybe even vertigo inducing? Overall, it looks mad fun. And mad props to galapagoose, for his cameo and sick beat in the Tron / Light Sessions video.

Be sure to checkout more of Eness’ work here, or alternatively, subscribe to their vimeo.

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April 11, 2011

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Inspiration, Motion Graphics, Music

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