Colortones Mixtape #001


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In the spirit of mixtaping, especially for the inaugural episode, I figured it’d be a good idea to make this one out to my dear friend Liz who, through our many delightful interstate exchanges, unintentionally helped shape the idea of Colortones. I already discussed the idea and process in my last post, so I won’t go into much detail here. This particular mix ends with Pantone 292 (and the hope that the imagined sounds of blank cassette tapes hissing in the night will be replaced with a much better reminder).

Be sure to have the album artwork displayed in your media player for the best audiovisual results. Thanks for listening!

No. Track Title Artist
01 Y iamamiwhoami
02 In Two, the Weakly Yppah
03 Blinking Pigs Little Dragon
04 Sur nous les étincelles du Soleil Team Ghost
05 Forget Twin Shadow
06 The Angels Are Surely Weeping (feat. Hanna) Young Galaxy
07 Sofija Jesse Ruins
08 Undertow Stars
09 Cannibal Love (School of Seven Bells remix) White Sea
10 The Air Between Us Hammock
11 Truss Me Lower Dens
12 Drive The Paradise Motel

Stream the mix below, or download (right-click to save link as) / subscribe to the enhanced podcast with track chapters and album artwork.

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November 14, 2011

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    I love this. Thank you.

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      Team Colorcubic

      and thank you for listening! if you’re not already aware, we just published the second episode this morning!

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