PressPausePlay: Asking Hard Questions about the Digital Revolution


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PressPausePlay takes a probing look at the current digital landscape and our place in its past and future and asks some hard questions along the way. The pros of the digital revolution are obvious; instant distribution of media and instant access to it. But what of the cons? Does the fact that anyone can be a filmmaker, musician, designer or artist devalue the work of professionals or create healthy competition?

The film plays like a Rorschach test. Beyond the blatant statements both pro digital and con, there are plenty of gray areas and plenty of hope and fear about the medium’s future. Seth Godin sees nothing but opportunity (possibly forgetting that he made his name before the dot bubble crash) whereas a lone music blogger sees search engines playing a more important role than the actual music he wants to write about.

All in all, PressPausePlay is a worthy film that anyone working in the arts should see. There are also a few interesting excerpts and extra footage on their YouTube page.

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November 28, 2011

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