Empty Memory: USB Jewelry Collection


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There are a lot of interesting USB drives out there. Some have caught my eye, but none have managed to steal my heart, until now. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of sculpture, of steel and glass, of delphic descriptors like empty memory. Of art disguised as technology, or maybe the inverse. Whatever the case, damn. Logical Art, the London-based studio headed by Hanhsi Chen & Yoo-Kyung Shin, are the brains and beauties behind the two designs they appropriately call Structure and Transparency. They aim to collide technology and craftsmanship, to ponder the ultimate question of “what will happen if the technology becomes invisible.” They further describe the design as “physical emptiness in its sculptural form, giving the metaphor that you can fill the space with your own memory.” I just describe it as beautiful; maybe even heartbreaking.

It’s interesting how the collection is referred to as jewelry, and worthy to be called such. And what are memories if not personal adornments? Memory is a necklace, a ring, a precious stone. It’s wealth and storage left for posterity.

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March 7, 2012

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