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Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 96



Admittedly, it’s been quite a while since our last update, and while we’re a little embarrassed about that, we hope you know it hasn’t been all play around here. We’ve been busy bees, working on lots of new projects and running that other company of ours that people seem to have a hard time pronouncing. In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing some new work to our Behance portfolio that will hopefully include our motion reel.

Most recently, we were featured in issue 96 of Advanced Photoshop magazine. The article, How Do I Run A Successful Studio, profiles a handful of successful studios and discusses topics such as work spaces, business resources, branding, and why we should break the rules every once in a while. You can read our bit below:

How Do I Run A Successful Studio?

Running a studio is an exciting avenue that merges business and creative ambition — we find out what it takes to be successful.

01. Space To Think

There are varying opinions on the impact your surroundings have on your creative output. When where you work is also the shop front for your business, there is an added dimension to consider when choosing where to set up your studio and what to fill your space with. “Environment is important, and creativity is portable, it exists within ourselves,” says Michael A. John, joint creative director of Colorcubic ( “We’re certainly creatures of habit, and though it’s generally proven that working in a familiar space with a consistent schedule is more productive, being able to design anytime and anywhere is an invaluable skill to have.”

When choosing a space to run a successful studio from, practical aspects are just as important as creative considerations. Christy Lai runs Colorcubic with John. “Important factors surely vary from person to person, but for us location boiled down to commute time, access to public transportation and proximity to good food, drink and entertainment,” she says. “Good lighting and furniture make a world of difference, both in defining a comfortable environment and how we utilise it towards our creative end goals.” John believes that it’s a good idea to keep in mind clients that could potentially visit your office. But using flashy or exaggerated decoration to sell yourself is never a good idea and could even be a waste of time. “More than half of our clients at any given time are located outside our city. These clients have never set foot in our studio or seen photos of it. Their decision to work with us was based on reputation alone.”

Our two pieces featured in the article can be found here and here. You can grab this issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine over at Imagine Shop.

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July 30, 2012

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