Colorcubic™ is a Product Design & Brand Marketing Studio for an ever-evolving digital & tangible paradigm. As purveyors of intelligent design solutions, we seek to service established & emerging markets through Art & Creative Direction, Brand Design Strategy, Product Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Audiovisual Storytelling, and Illustrated Communiqué.
Beyond the conventional means of a quintessential design & marketing studio, we aim to become a fully autonomous, vertically integrated brand, partnered with clients & colleagues alike to innovate and redefine the world around us.
We don't subscribe to disingenuous methodologies, or cringe-worthy buzzwords. We encourage autonomy, and embrace critical thinking. Our aim is one of authenticity, and our values are deeply rooted in transparency and communication. We believe the key to any successful relationship & endeavor is made possible through honest communication, establishing realistic expectations, trusting in process, and respecting boundaries.
The role of the creative is not one to be automated. It's to challenge conventional norms & antiquated thinking, redefine emotional content, and to engage through diverse sensory mediums by crafting authentic narratives & experiences.
Design With Purpose.
- Colorcubic™
Michael John

Founder + Creative Director + Lead Digital & Tangible Product Designer

Brian John - Director of Photography
Brian John

Director of Photography

Jessica Newman

Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Damon Smith - Lead Digital Character Development
Damon Smith

Lead Digital Character Development

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