Cinema 4D Plugin

Cinema 4D Plugin

SceneLight® is a proprietary HDRI lighting preset plugin, designed specifically for Cinema 4D, by Colorcubic®. Light your 3D models and scenes instantly with SceneLight®.

[*Please refer to the “Full Product Description” below, for all performance & compatibility details.]

Compatibility:   Cinema 4D logo


Made For Cinema 4D
Compatible with Cinema 4D r21 – 2024
3D Model Not Included

SceneLight® is a proprietary HDRI lighting preset plugin, designed specifically for Cinema 4D, by Colorcubic®. With SceneLight®, you get a fully integrated light rig with 3 independent light nodes, each with their own independent parameters, all placed on a 360º axis, with uniform scalability, and full 360º rotation. It also comes equipped with an independent HDRI light source & parameters built into the plugin, as well as an optional seamless L-curved backdrop, which you can enable, or disable at your discretion. There’s also a sun parameter, a fog parameter, and a toggle between the HDRI light source & an artificial sky light source which can all be enabled or disabled at your discretion. The purpose of SceneLight® is to provide an affordable & immediate lighting solution for your 3D models or scenes, within as little time as possible.

Each download comes included with a “Read Me” file, which provides an installation walkthrough on how to load SceneLight® into Cinema 4D. You’ll also find included with your download, an HDRI light source to get you started. For SceneLight® installation, look here.

As iterations are made to SceneLight®, all owners will receive immediate access to all updates for free. To stay apprised of updates, please subscribe to our email newsletter, where updates will be announced, and accessible.

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