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Colorcubic® is a Technology-Agnostic, Multidisciplinary Design Studio for Branding, Marketing, Product Design, 3D Animation, and Educational Resources

Play Video about A 3D modeled environment depicting an 80s style television set on a hardwood floor, with a black brick wall, white crown molding on the floor, an 80s style television remote, and an old power strip in the far right corner of the room.

Future +

Based in Portland, Oregon USA, Colorcubic® has been operational for over 17+ years as a technology-agnostic, multidisciplinary design studio; providing branding, marketing, product design, 3d animation, and content creation services to a wide array of partners & clients in various industries, ranging from wearables & fashion, sports, wine, food & beverages, fintech & e-commerce, web3, gaming, healthcare, education, agriculture, publishing, music, interactive audiovisual live events, and more.

As we look to the future at Colorcubic®, with our own vertically integrated shop, growing proprietary product listings, and educational knowledge-base repository, we’re excited to expand our creative offerings as we continue to evolve as a brand in a vertically integrated fashion, with some exciting new endeavors to boot.

Values +

Communication is the key foundation of all healthy professional relationships, as it pertains to collaboration & diplomacy; the collaboration of audible & visible ideas, and the diplomatic approach to unpacking wants & needs in an effort to deliver a product or experience that meets the demands of our partners & clients.

We communicate with clear, concise, respectful intentions, by asking questions and listening intently. We respect that everyone’s experiences are different, and so we aim to make space for everyone’s experiences & areas of expertise, which we achieve by advocating for all mutually respective parties to take up space, and to respect each other’s boundaries. We don’t know what we don’t know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn more than we know.

We also communicate realistic expectations with our partners & clients. We understand that when it comes to projects, whether we’re tackling digital or tangible product development, packaging solutions, designed interactions, or animation experiences, often times there’s a strict deadline to adhere to. When that’s the case (and it often times is), it’s imperative that our partners and/or clients understand that we calculate our daily work schedule based on an 8 hour work day, and we do not exceed those hours in a day. This is strictly non-negotiable. Why? Because there’s far more to life than work.

If you anticipate that your project requirements may exceed our daily work limit, we’re happy to collaborate with you to find a solution to meet your deadline, but we’ll never work more than 8 hours in a day. We understand that this may be perceived as a conflict of interest for potential partners and/or clients. That’s okay, Colorcubic® may not be a good fit for your project at this present time. If that's determined to be the case, we'll work with you to establish a path forward, even if that means referring you to one of our many talented partners in our creative network.

If you are a potential partner and/or client, and you are serious about working with Colorcubic®, we invite you to apply to work with us, by submitting your project brief for consideration, so we can collaboratively determine if this will be a good fit, and whether or not Colorcubic® can add value to your brand & project.

* For Consideration: At Colorcubic®, we deploy a stringent vetting process to onboard new partners & clients, which includes an in-depth questionnaire that will highlight budget, values, best practices, years in business, team size, leadership roles, approval process, payroll structure, history of bankruptcy (if any), pending litigation and/or lawsuits (if any), etc... This vetting process is to ensure that we only collaborate with those who are genuinely committed to working with us.

The Team

Michael A. John

Title: Founder & Multidisciplinary Creative Director

Pronouns: He/Him

Jessica Newman

Title: Director of Accounts Management

Pronouns: She/Her

Joe Mendonca

Title: Director of Web UX

Pronouns: He/Him

Brian T. John

Title: Director of Mobile UX

Pronouns: He/Him


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