Toyota Prius 2023

Industrial Design

A photograph of the new Toyota Prius 2023

Toyota Prius 2023

The new Toyota Prius 2023 is nothing short of an impressive feat of automotive engineering & industrial design. And it even looks good!

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve got some previews of it below. What I particularly love about it, is its sleek form factor. Even though it’s a hybrid, their limited edition high-end version is a plug-in that comes equipped with a solar roof, which charges the battery at a pretty decent capacity.

As the world spins toward adopting EVs, in an effort to curb our dependency on fossil fuels, the Toyota Prius, due to its hybrid capabilities, still has an important role to play during this paradigm shift of automative innovation. Particularly when it comes to the lack of infrastructure for electric charging stations, which is the 2nd largest concern for consumers shopping for new vehicles. And with the LE base model of the Toyota Prius 2023, (which has an impressive range of 57 MPG), this latest Prius is proving to be a reliable solution to help ease consumer anxiety over the costs at the pump, as well as EV infrastructure latency.

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